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Dobili smo kipec zmagovalca. Na svečanem dogodku v Hotelu Lev je bil BCSocial, med desetimi finalisti, izbran za najpodjetniško idejo.



Kaj pišejo o nas - Vendor Scanner: BCSocial


At Social Enterprise Times we get often questions from our readers asking for advice on which vendor they should consider for their Social Intranet.
We are always happy to help and we think the best way is to get the answer directly from the vendors.
That’s why we decided to open this new section: Vendor Scanner
So, let’s get started!

Q: Who are you (company) and how long have you been around?
A: BCSocial – Whilst we have been around in Europe since 2005 however we’ve just received a huge round of funding to bring this excellent platform to a global market.
Q: What does your product do?
A: Enterprise collaboration platform – enables businesses to collaborate with purpose.
We put documents and work at the forefront, meaning that the social element is there to enable getting the job done – rather than abstract socialising which can impact productivity.
Q: Who are your 3 main competitors?
A: Yammer, Jive Software, MS Sharepoint
Q: Which are your existing customers?
A: Undisclosed. European Government/Consulting Organisations in UK
Q: Is it possible to customize the environment?
A: Yes – branding is at this time part of our implementation service.
Q: What do you bring to the table in terms of top benefits versus us simply implementing it ourselves?
A: As a cloud based platform there is very little required from you, we simply mold our offering around your needs.
Q: Are there any differences between hosted and on-premise versions of the software?
A: Hosted only.
Q: Who owns the data we’ll share on the platform, you or us?
A: Always the customer.
Q: Can we monitor and track usage?

A: We can produce any kind of management report that you could ask for. This may be different for every company. High level metrics are also available within the GUI.
Q: How can I get my data out at the end of our relationship?
A: We are able to export everything at the exit point, meaning that you lose nothing.
Q: What are your best practice approaches to gaining adoption of your product?
A: This all starts with complete management buy in, however each company is different.
Q: Which languages does your product support?
A: English.
Q: What kind of support can we expect from you after implementing your product in our organisation?
A: 99.99%. You would be provided with an account manager and if required an implementation team to assist with rollout.
Q: Do you have a community of customers that we can participate in to share experiences and approaches?
A: Global community.
Q: What is the model for upgrades and releases?
A: All inclusive.
Q: What is your pricing model?
Q: Who should our readers get in touch with for more information?
A: Tom Dodds – 44 207 1832 275 /
Q: Is there something else you would like our readers to know about you?
A: Give us a call, and find out what your business has been missing.

Marg prejel investicijo Notion Capital


Funding from Notion Capital to boost BCSocial’s nationwide expansion Cloud-based workspace secures £750,000 investment

Designed as a cloud-based workspace, BCSocial enables users to connect and work together, share documents and collaborate through the social platform. With customers expected to spend up to $4.5bn on social collaboration products globally by 2016, BCSocial aims to use the funding to increase customer awareness of the business through marketing. The company aims to invest the money in its nationwide expansion plans, while co-founder Brostjan Bregar hopes that ultimately BCScoail will become a globally recognised name. He commented: “We are delighted to be working with Notion who have a wealth of expertise in the cloud space and as entrepreneurs understand the opportunity we have to build a large global business. We designed BCSocial to be easy for all types of workers to adopt and we’ve centered everything around the content, unleashing the knowledge that gets lost in so many businesses.

Projekt – Zavod RS za zaposlovanje – uvedba EDS

Januarja 2013 smo s partnerjem Avtento podpisali pogodbo z Zavodom RS za zaposlovanje o vpeljavi elektronskega dokumentarnega sistema. Ta bo Zavodu delno omogočal brezpapirno delovanje že v letošnjem letu, polno pa v letu 2014.

Podprti bodo standarni procesi in tudi procesi specifični za Zavod RS za zaposlovanj.

Ustanovljeno podjetje MARG Ltd UK


Konec leta 2012 smo v Veliki Britaniji ustanovili podjetje MARG Ltd UK, ki je odgovorno za prodor na trg zahodne Evrope. V podjetju je trenutno zaposlenih pet oseb, ki se ukvarjajo z marketingom in prodajo.

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Če boste nadaljevali, bomo sklepali, da ste sprejeli vse piškotke.